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    Case of the Day
    Neurocutaneous melanosis of the childhood

    Modality: MRI Modality: MRI

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     Neurocutaneous melanosis of the childhood   
     Available images: There are MRI images available for this case. [ MRI ]   

    A. Schlüter (Halle)  

     Email Address:

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    The MRI was done because of seizures. Proof of various cutaneous giant cell naevi in the region of the dorsum.  

     Pathomorphology or Pathophysiology of this disease :

    Localized leptomeningeal naevus infestation of intracranial or intraspinal structures. Neurologically symptomatic and asymptomatic forms are differentiated. Serious neurological symptoms can be seen depending on the localization (i.e. CSF circulatory disfunction, compression of the spinal cord).  

     Radiological findings:

    MRI 1 <- view MRI 1

    MRI 1: Transversal (T1 - native)

    MRI 2 <- view MRI 2

    MRI 2: Transversal (T1 - native)

    Depending on the melanin content of the lesions, the lesions can be seen even in the T1 weighted image as hyperintensive lesions. After contrast application, one may see enchancement (subtraction images are recommended). In the T2 weighted series, there are different characteristics of the tumors, depending on the extent of the regressive changes.


     Diagnosis confirmation:

    Total constellation (Consens)  

     Which DD would be also possible with the radiological findings:

    Melanoma metastases. Hemorrhaging metastases, or rather tumors of other origin.  

     Course / Prognosis / Frequency / Other :

    The extent of the clinical symptoms and prognosis is dependent on the localization in the CNS. A malignant change is pricipally possible.  

     Comments of the author about the case:


     First description / History:



    Foster RD, Williams ML, Barkovich AJ, Hoffman WY, Mathes SJ, Frieden IJ
    Giant congenital melanocytic nevi: the significance of neurocutaneous melanosis in neurologically asymptomatic children
    Plast Reconstr Surg. 2001 Apr 1;107(4):933-41

    Helmbold P, Rompel R, Petres J, Lubbe D, Marsch WC
    Congenital melanocytic nevi
    Hautarzt. 1999 Nov;50(11):779-84  


    Head-Brain and brain nerves  

     Most likely etiology:


     Available images: There are MRI images available for this case. [ MRI ]   
    More cases from these authors: Search A. Schlüter in Medline A. Schlüter (7)     

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