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    Case of the Day
    Invasive Aspergillosis

    Modality: X-Ray Modality: MRI Modality: MRI Modality: MRI

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     Invasive Aspergillosis   
     Available images: There are X-Ray images available for this case. [ X-Ray ] There are X-Ray images available for this case. [ MRI ]   

    Ina Sorge, Wolfgang Hirsch, W. Köpernik (Leipzig / Halle)  

     Email Address:

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    14 Years  




    14 year-old girl with ALL, after the 2nd round of chemotherapy sudden onset of fever, fatigue, cough.  

     Pathomorphology or Pathophysiology of this disease :

    Aspergillus is ubiquitous.

    Included with "Aspergillosis," are the following illnesses:
    -allergic pulmonary illness due to aspergillus
    -mucomembraneous, broncial Aspergillosis
    -aspergillus pneumonia
    -invasive aspergillosis

    The last form of aspergillosis is seen only in immunosupressed patients.  

     Radiological findings:

    X-Ray 1 <- view X-Ray 1

    X-Ray 1: X-ray p.a.: Representation of many alveolar, confluent opaque figures in both upper, both middle and left lower lobes.

    MRI 1 <- view MRI 1

    MRI 1: T2-weighted TSE-sequence coronal (breath triggered). The alveolar infiltration is proven by high-resolution, hyperintense infiltrations of the alveolar space.

    MRI 2 <- view MRI 2

    MRI 2: T1-weighted Gradient-echo sequence coronal without contrast media (VIBE-Sequence).

    MRI 3 <- view MRI 3

    MRI 3: Synopsis of the x-ray findings and the MRI findings. (various weights)


     Diagnosis confirmation:

    Laboratory diagnostics  

     Which DD would be also possible with the radiological findings:

    invasive aspergillosis, pneumonia, atelectasis  

     Course / Prognosis / Frequency / Other :

    Prognosis of invasive aspergillosis in an advanced case is often bad, even with treatment with amphoterecin-B (because of the corresponding immunosupression).  

     Comments of the author about the case:


     First description / History:



    Vaideeswar P, Prasad S, Deshpande JR, Pandit SP.
    Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis: A study of 39 cases at autopsy.
    J Postgrad Med. 2004 Jan-Mar;50(1):21-6.

    Franquet T, Muller NL, Oikonomou A, Flint JD.
    Aspergillus infection of the airways: computed tomography and pathologic findings.
    J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2004 Jan-Feb;28(1):10-6.



     Most likely etiology:

    inflammatory or infectious  

     Available images: There are X-Ray images available for this case. [ X-Ray ] There are X-Ray images available for this case. [ MRI ]   
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